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Pre-Order Sale

Pre-Order your climbing frame today in our Black Friday early access promotion and you'll get delivery in December before Christmas 2018, possibly making you the best parents ever!

Our pre-order scheme means you only pay a 10% deposit today, with the full balance not due until 30th November. Wait and pay the final balance in one payment, or pay in instalments, whichever is easier for you. We'll contact you to arrange delivery early December.

10% Deposit - You'll only need to pay a 10% (non-refundable) deposit to secure one of our quality climbing frames.

No Interest - Our pre-order scheme is interest free (0%), so you don't pay any interest charges on your settlement payment(s).

No Fees - We don't charge any extra fees, and there are absolutely no hidden charges. You pay only the advertised product price.

Settlement Payment(s) - Want to pay a deposit and only one settlement payment before delivery? No problem. Want to pay a deposit and multiple settlement payments? No problem. You can login to your customer account and pay anytime.

Convenient and Cheap Local Collection - We offer a convenient & cheap local collection service. You order online and we'll send your item(s) to your local pick-up depot for you to collect.


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