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Garden Accessibility

Stairway to Garden

Preparing your garden for a climbing frame will involve sorting it in to areas such as safety zones and play surfaces whilst also removing obstacles. Below are the stages of how your climbing frame will make its way from the back of the lorry to being constructed in your garden.

Access for Delivery

Your climbing frame will come in boxes often measuring 2.4m long and weighing over 30kg. These are listed with dimensions on product pages.

One man delivery is essentially a curbside delivery which means that you will be left with some heavy boxes to move. For a small fee a two man delivery can be purchased. They will carry them into your garden providing you have good access. This usually means an outside route to the garden as they are not insured for damages (your items or themselves) inside properties.

If you have a few steps let us know before the delivery takes place.

Access for Installation

When receiving your climbing frame we recommend that you familiarise yourself with parts. This can be done by checking the parts form to ensure that you have everything; this will make building much quicker. The manual will refer to all the bits of wood and their specific sizes. Having them all together will mean that you can quickly move through the build. It's a similar story with the hardware bag (nuts, bolts, screws and washers). Some space is needed when laying out everything, this should be done just before the build starts, definitely before you book an installer. If you are trying to build the frame in secret without your children knowing, just make sure they wont come charging into the garden with all your pieces laid out!

Access for Build

Ideally you will want a cordless drill to help build the climbing frame, not for drilling, but for the amount of screwing in of bolts. Space to move around the frame when your building will also be incredibly helpful if possible as it will allow you to build without worrying about tripping over or bumping into parts.

climbing frame by decking

Access for Playing

With your 1.8m safety zone fitted with a safety surface around your frame you will have plenty of space. However, it is worth considering that you will probably want to see kids playing so you can intervene if needed. Safe surface options should also be considered in case your children or anyone need to use mobility aids around the frame as loose safety surfaces won't be suitable.

You should also consider having enough space to allow other games and social activities outside. This means picking out a frame that won't dominate the entire garden. Some of our bigger frames will dominate most small gardens. So, we have a lot of small garden climbing frames to choose from.