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Design and Manufacturing

Selwood Products have been distributing and retailing climbing frames since 2004. At Selwood we pride ourselves on providing great quality high specification playsets at fantastic prices that will last for years.

Wooden Climbing Frame Design

Our process to create and provide you with the perfect playset, starts a long time before it's delivered to you and even well before it has been manufactured. From the very beginning we start we take extra care in the designing We spend time designing and the climbing frame and source the wood required. Our mills are placed strategically close to the farms where are special cedar wood grows. Our wood is grown and manufactured in China and it's a soft very durable wood, which has been used for centuries to make anything from temples to furniture.

Discovered in 1701 by Dr James Cunningham, a surgeon (and keen botanist) when travelling to China with the East India Trading Company. The species wasn’t imported into the UK for at least another century. Prized for the timber in it’s native China, Cunninghamia Lanceolata is used for building houses ships, floor panels, and furniture. The subtle scent is valued in Temples and Tibetans use cedar frequently for building and for medicinal purposes.

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Climbing Frame Manufacture

Once the cedar trees are mature they are felled and sent to our mill, where they are cut to length, drilled and stained with our water-based redwood stain. Also to ensure our products always meet our exceptionally high standards but continue to stay affordable for you, we manufacture in large batches thereby minimising manufacturing costs and ensuing consistency of finish.

Canada Climbing Frame Factory
China Climbing Frame Factory

Our team then pick and pack your order with the component parts for your set. The sets are boxed and packed tightly to minimise any movement that could cause damage. Once this is all completed they are loaded into a container arriving in our distribution warehouses in the Ireland. We then deliver direct to your door.

Designed For Home-Build

Pre-Cut, Pre-Drilled and Pre-Stained

climbing frame manufacturing process 1
climbing frame manufacturing process 2

Flat-Packed & Packaged

climbing frame manufacturing process 3
climbing frame manufacturing process 4

Home Delivery

Selwood Climbing Frames are available through our specialist retail websites for fantastic prices, delivered right to your door. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, but with our bulky products, with boxes often measuring 2.4m long and over 30kg, home delivery is essential. Our home delivery service varies depending upon local availability. In many regions, we offer pallet delivery, in most areas of the UK a 2-man home delivery service.

We manufacture and sell a huge range of wooden climbing frames with swings and slides suitable for gardens of all sizes. Producing then directly supplying customers offers a huge range of benefits. We aim to offer a fast, easy and secure shopping experience with detailed product descriptions, comprehensive product imagery with fast home delivery service. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of advisers ready to answer any queries or questions you may have.

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