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Climbing Frame Installation

If you’re considering our range of climbing frames, then you may have also considered how you’re going to build it, whether to do it yourself, or to employ a climbing frame installer.

Our kids climbing frames are specifically designed for DIY home-build and come pre-packaged and flat-packed with all wood, hardware and accessories included. All our climbing frames come with an illustrated manual, showing you how to build your climbing frame in easy steps and stages. All you’ll need is simple DIY tools such as an electric screwdriver, hammer, and spirit level.

However, we understand that not all people have the time or tools to build the set and would prefer a professional to do it instead.

Climbing Frame Maintenance

Do you need installation?

Although our play equipment is designed, manufactured and packaged to be ready for DIY home-build, you may still wish to have someone come and install your playset for you.

Benefits of Installation

There are a number of benefits to having your climbing frame installed for you. Firstly it saves you time, ensuring that the set can be assembled in a minimum of time, and enabling you to keep working, or to play with your children. However, you still need to check your set and ensure all the major parts are there.

Installers will have experience of acceptable surfaces, levelling you play equipment and safety areas. If an installer doesn't ask you what type of surface you’ll be building on, or ask you about how flat your garden is, then please note that they may not have experience building.

Most professional installers will turn up, build your set and leave the same day. Some larger builds may take two days, but 90% will be complete within a day. They will carry all the required tools, and will normally know how to build your particular playset.

Drawbacks of Installation

The main drawback would be the cost. Firstly there is the charge to build the playset, but secondly, if an installer arrives and parts are missing or damaged then they may not be able to complete the build, meaning they may charge to come back. This is why you must take the time to check the set, and the parts before the installer arrives. This can also, unfortunately, result in a delay in the completion of your set. If you have missing or damaged parts they can be claimed from our parts centre.

Installation Advice

The vast majority of our customers install their own climbing frame, but there is a significant minority who choose to pay someone to assist with their build. If you decide to take this route we recommend you follow the following guidelines:

Get a fixed quote for a ‘job rate’ (not an hourly rate) meaning this is the fixed price you pay
Ask for the quote in writing to ensure there is no dispute at a later date
The installer should ask about the surface being installed on, if not, ensure you tell them
Check the parts are present and in good condition (a parts list is in the front of your manual)
Agree a mutually acceptable form of payment with your installer
Get references from your installer to check their past work

Climbing Frame Installers

We work with a number of installers and installation companies to provide installation services for the most popular areas of the UK.

We offer this introductory service to help people who wish to purchase one of our products, but do not have the tools or time to construct them. The details included below are for professional installers who have experience building our products.

Please note: this is not a service offered by Selwood Products - the installers have registered with us and have experience building our playsets and climbing frames, but they are not employed by us and are in no way connected to our organisation.

We are not recommending installers, we are providing names of individuals or companies who have built our products for other consumers. Customers who use installation make a direct contract between the installer and themselves, and Selwood climbing frames accept no liability for the work conducted, amount charged or any damages to product or property that could occur.

We do not reference or CRB checks any of the installers listed. We strongly recommend you reference and check the installers for suitability before you employ them to work on your property.

Professional Installers

The professional climbing frame installers listed have several years’ experience building our products, and will be knowledgeable about their build, location requirements in your garden, safety area and levelling. Professional installers normally quote a ‘job rate’, meaning that’s all you pay.

We have listed some installers below who we know have experience building our sets. The installers will often travel, but this may mean a higher price is charged. Feel free to contact the installers directly to discuss your requirements and to get quotes. Remember: the installers are in no way linked to Selwood Products, you can negotiate with them, but please do not call us to discuss individual prices. We can provide help and guidance on the sets and product requirements, we cannot help with installation prices.

UK Climbing Frame Installers

Peter Dive (07792 309 588)
Graham Jackson (07972 318 121)
Steven Ruddy (07908 163067)

Local Handymen

There is an abundance of local handymen available for hire, and this route may well cost you less than a professional climbing frame installer, however, remember their lack of experience may mean it take's them longer to complete the build. We recommend you only accept a ‘job’ rate if using a handyman.


Joiners are normally more experienced working with wood than a handy-man, although they will also normally charge you more. All the wood in our sets is pre-cut and pre-drilled, the experience of a joiner is not relevant or required for building a DIY ready-to-build flat pack climbing frame project. Our advice is to always request a fixed price quote.

Flat-Pack Companies

There are numerous flat-pack companies who offer installation of flat pack kits from companies like Ikea. If using one of these companies we suggest you ask them for a fixed price and ask about the relevant experience the installer has.

Preparing For Installation

Remember that if you building the play equipment yourself, or even if you’re having someone come to install your climbing frame, you may still need to complete some preparation before they arrive.

Preparing the garden

Before you can build anything in your garden you need to ensure you have a space that is large enough and level enough for the equipment you are intending to purchase. Remember EN-71 European Safety guidelines recommend you allow 1.8m (6ft) around the playset as a safety zone. This means you should add 1.8m (6ft) to the playset dimensions to ensure there is enough room for children and adults to move around the playset safely without obstructing swings or slides etc. In addition to the safety zone, you should ensure your garden is level. Our playsets are designed to be built on a sturdy level surface, such as grass. If you intend to install a safety surface then it is especially important that you consider the space requirements. If the surface is bonded rubber or artificial grass then it will need laying before you start building, whilst a loose fill surface will be added once the set has been built.

Checking your parts

We recommend that all customers check their parts, whether you’re building your own climbing frame, or using a climbing frame installer. This ensures that all parts are present before you commit time to building the set. The last thing we want id for people to set aside time to build their playset and have to stop due to missing or damaged parts. Of course, if your set arrives with missing/damaged parts then we will replace them. You can claim replacements here -

Installation re-visit

Remember that if the installer turns up and the garden isn’t level, the ground isn’t ready, or you have missing/damaged parts then they will likely not be able to complete the build as hoped. In this instance, they may well charge you a call-out fee, and/or re-charge for a second visit. Discuss this with your installer if you are unsure of their policy regarding potential delays and re-visits.

Paying for Installation

We recommend you discuss this with your installer before the build commences. Most installers will not request money up-front, and we would advise you only pay once the installer has completed the work expected of them. Please also remember, the onus is on you to ensure the installer is able to complete the build. If you do not have the garden ready, or the set is incomplete then this is not the installer’s fault, so you may still be liable to pay their fee.

Climbing Frame Maintenance

Once your climbing frame is assembled in your garden and your children then we hope you and your children will enjoy many happy years of use. As with any wooden garden product, it’ll occasionally need maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition.