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Build Your Own Climbing Frame

Thousands of people choose to build their own wooden climbing frames every year. Selwood aims to take make this a hassle free process by providing you with ready-to-build kits. Including all the wood, hardware and accessories (swings, slide(s) and climbing grips etc) our DIY climbing frames come flat packed with everything you need.

About Your Garden

When considering a climbing frame build in your garden, you need to consider some important points, including space you have available for play equipment, what access other family members will need and how you intend to maintain the gardens surface.

Dividing your Garden

Many people will not want the garden taken over by children's play equipment, although others think this is what gardens are for. If you have garden decking, flower bed and vegetable patch or anything else garden divides will make you aware of your space before building. Play equipment is best suited to level surfaces, don't build on a slope or undulating area.

Measuring your Garden

Measure your garden accurately ensuring you leave a safety margin. Play equipment requires a safety area, making it safe for use and for people to move around whilst children play. Without enough space near swing and slide sets and rock walls, children are at higher risk of injury falling away from the equipment.

Design Your Own Climbing Frame

When choosing climbing frame accessories consider the garden size, and the layout dimensions ages of your children. Whether a climbing frame is for toddlers or older children will affect the features they would like. Do they love to climb, or primarily want to swing, maybe they would like multiple slides?

Climbing Fame Swings

Swings are one of the most popular features on climbing frames as they are also called swing sets. Many people start their search looking for gardens swings, realising they can get more than just swings, getting a climbing frame including swings, swing accessories, like trapeze bars, aerobatic bar or 2-child gliders.

Climbing Frames With Monkey Bars

Kids love monkey bars they're an excellent way for children to explore climbing, a great new hobby. Older kids enjoy the challenge from monkey bars.

Climbing Frame Slides

Slides a commonly requested feature, and Selwood has a large selection of climbing frames with slides available. Stocking multiple lengths of straight slides, curved slides, spiral slides and tube slides. Some climbing frames include more than one type if this is what you children love then they'll be thrilled with these.

Other Features

In addition to swings, slides, and monkey bars, we also offer a huge range of other features on our climbing frames.

features on a climbing frame

Climbing Frame Kits

Our climbing frames come ready to build with all the hardware, wood and accessories. Once you've chosen a playset with the right features, checked it fits you will receive a flat pack climbing frame kit.


These are 'build you own climbing frames' are specifically for DIY installers. Our designers consider you from the first phase of design, using the same drill heads wherever possible to saving time changing drills. All wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained, you just have put together the jigsaw.


Sets are pre-cut, drilled and stained this saves lots of time. Cut to the correct lengths the wood has also been rounded with no sharp corners that could cut children's hands. Main bolt holes are pre-drilled, so you know where the frames structural parts join together. This helps ensure your playset will end up level and stable, remember to check the surface it's placed on is level too. We also pre-stain the wood, ensuring it looks great from day one, our outdoor climbing frames like any other (deck, shed, fence or playset) should be re-stained as required.

Illustrated Instruction Manual

All of our flat pack climbing frames come with an illustrated owners instruction manual. This manual talks you through the build process in very simple steps, from parts identification, through each stage of the build. The stages of the build are done in simple steps with a mini parts list for each segment. Like any DIY project, preparation is key, we suggest you identify parts before building begins.


Climbing frames can be built with toolkits, including items an electric screwdriver, hammer, spirit level, tape measure ratchet heads and square ruler.

Drill, Hammer, Spirt level and other tools needed


Play equipment must have an EN71 European safety certificate if not walk away. Selwood play equipment includes this and ASTM for selling worldwide. Wood, hardware, plastics and vinyl is tested ensuring a low toxicity while remaining strong and durable. The hardware resistant to corrosion with high tensile strength to withstand years of use. The wood can support multiple children playing at once, as do the plastic accessories. The vinyl and wooden roofs need to be durable against the wind, rain and the sunshine. We recommend taking down vinyl roofs in high winds.