Small wooden climbing frames

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We covered a range of wooden forts in the blog “forts perfect for your small garden”. Some of our small wooden climbing frames got missed, check out the smallest climbing frames we have and what features they include!

Meadowvale Climbing Frame 

The Meadowvale climbing frame is a fantastic quality, wooden playset ideal for younger children catering for that age between 3-10.  This popular climbing frame features a large play deck, rock wall ladder, straight slide, two swings, trapeze bar, chalk wall and rope ladder!

Below the play deck, there is also plenty of space to create a sandpit area. Alternatively, a ball pit area or even a place to store away the rest of their garden toys.

Meadowside Climbing Frame

The Meadowside Climbing Frame is one of our most popular kids garden swing sets and very similar to the Meadowvale. With swings, slide and climbing wall, the Meadowside is perfect, even for smaller gardens. The compact design crams loads of play value into the fantastic wooden climbing frame.

The two swings are mounted to a monkey bar, so when the swings aren’t in use, children can practice their climbing and hanging skills! There’s also a trapeze bar on the other side of the fort; giving another swing option, and extra space so loads of children can play at once!

Kinross Climbing Frame 

The Kinross climbing frame is a fantastic wooden playset, designed for your garden. Manufactured from cedar, including the fort, monkey bars, and playhouse. Soft to the touch, which is great for small hands, yet it’s super strong and exceedingly durable.

Other features it comes with: wooden roof, chalk wall, straight slide, rock wall ladder and two swings.

Please Note

These frames all come with two swing positions, if there is a frame with three positions that suits your requirements better then you can manually shorten the swing beam to allow for two swings or even one if it’s necessary.

If a frame comes with monkey bar separately, but you don’t have enough room for them, then you don’t have to attach them, it will not impact the structural integrity of the frame!


Hope this information helps you in deciding the right frame for you and the kids!

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