No Need to Treat the Wood!

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We use cedar wood for our climbing frames as it doesn’t require chemical pressure treatment with fungicide or pesticide, and it’s less prone to cracks, splits and splinters. Cheap woods such as pine and fur need chemical pressure treatment to stop insects eating the wood, rotting and mulching. Some suppliers will tell you pressure treatment is the only way to go, however, we believe the fewer chemicals used in the treatment of wood the better. Our wood has natural oils which makes it resistant to insects and rot. All of our frames also come with a 5 or 10-year warranty included.

Did you know?

Pressure treated timber comes with the following health warnings:

  • Wear gloves to protect from abrasions and splinters
  • All exposed skin should be washed after coming into contact with treated timber, and before commencing other activities
  • Keep wood stored in well-ventilated areas
  • Avoid accumulations of airborne sawdust
  • If sawdust accumulates on clothes, wash before re-use
  • Treated timber should not be used where it may come into contact with drinking water or food preparation surfaces
  • If planning to use near a fish pond seek advice first
  • Sawdust & off-cuts should never be used as animal litter or bedding
  • Pressure treated timber should never be burned as fuel for BBQ, cooking stoves or grates
  • This is why we use cedar wood for all our climbing frames and playhouses. Read more here –


You can stain the wood which helps to maintain the golden colour of the wood, as it was when it arrives. If you decide to leave it, naturally over time and weathering the wood will turn to a lovely grey/silvery colour.

You can apply oil or water based sealants that are clear of have a reddish tone to it to maintain the colour of the cedar.

PLEASE REMEMBER: You DO NOT need to seal/stain the wood to validate warranty!

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