A Few Tips For Getting Children Into The Garden

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We all know that children can benefit hugely from getting outside into the fresh air. As climbing frames sellers we know more than most that outdoor play is hugely beneficial to our little ones. But as parents we also know the ongoing battle that we face trying to prize them away from their various electronic toys.

Technology is not going to go away. In fact it is going to become a bigger part of our lives year by year. With the Be Out There movement introduced by the National Wildlife Federation we can begin to encourage children to get outside more often.

Be Out There Movement

They suggest joining them in their outdoor play. It can be tempting to ship them out the back door and close it behind them for a few minutes peace (trust us, we know), but showing them that it’s something that can be done as a family may encourage them to keep doing it. This relates to their next tip: lead by example. We spend the majority of our time on technology devices so it’s not surprising that our children lead a technology based life too.

It is also a great idea to limit screen time each day. Or exchange time spent on electrical toys with time spent outdoors. They can earn time on their PS4 or Nintendo 3DS through time spent in the garden. This way more of a balance can be met. Outdoor play equipment like climbing frames can encourage unwilling children out into the garden.

We know all too well the hectic schedules kids have nowadays and fitting in some free time can seem impossible. The NWF suggest starting small with 15 minutes every few days and building up to the recommended hour a day.

The benefits of getting children outdoors are endless. Their imagination grows, their attention span improves they become less aggressive and it will boost their classroom performance. All in all children are happier and healthier.

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