Health, Safety and Fun Combined

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Health and Safety is a main priority for us when selling our climbing frames, trampolines and outdoor play equipment. We know that as parents keeping your children safe and sound is the most important thing. However, has the world gone a little bit health and safety mad in recent years?

We ensure that our climbing frames comply with all EN-71 regulations, that goes without saying. But we are also huge fans of having fun and living a life filled with adventure. Its tempting to want to wrap our little ones in cotton wool and keep them by our side but that’s not really an option. We have heard of something called measured risk which can be great for children. It helps their development and helps them grow as a person. With risk comes a sense of achievement and ambition. Going that extra rung along the monkey bar or swinging that bit higher.

What triggered this blog post was something we spotted on a parenting blog. The rather frustrated Dad of three recounted his run-in with an over enthusiastic health and safety officer. Despite his youngest not using the play equipment, aimed at older children, they still had to leave. Health and Safety 1 – Fun 0.

Our climbing frames are designed for children aged between 3-10 years old and there is even the opportunity to add a baby bucket, widening the age range even further. Once more they are in the safety of their own home. The fun factor is still there but the risk element is very low. Of course the first climb up the rockwall or the first zip down the slide may be a bit scary but that’s the whole point of adventure.

Do you think health and safety sometimes defies common sense?

Do you have any health and safety related tales?

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