Where Do Adults Prefer Children To Play?

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outdoors_2180840bAs discussed in the blog, Where do Children prefer to play? we saw that Over 80 per cent of children say they would choose outdoor play over screens!

Did you know that its the anxious parents that are keeping them indoors, according to new research.

Indoors Or Outdoors?

Contrary to the popular perception that today’s youngsters turn their noses up at den-building and climbing trees. It seems the modern generation is just as keen on outdoor play as their parents and grandparents.

In fact, only 17.5 percent of the average child’s playtime is spent on technology; according to the results of a new survey.

54 percent of children report being taken to the park to play, only 14 percent regularly play in the street. 63 per cent of respondents don’t want children going beyond the end of the street.

Parents want to keep children safe, keeping their children’s within view at all times and protecting them from danger however an indoor childhood does reduce some dangers to children, but other risks are heightened. These include risks to physical and psychological health and to a child’s concept and perception of community and the loss of the ability to ‘discern true danger’.

The findings come from research carried out by the Eureka Children’s Museum in West Yorkshire. Their ‘Play for Today’ project surveyed over 2,500 adults and children aged five to 11 on their attitudes towards outdoor play, comparing grown-ups’ memories with the experience of children today.

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