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Auckland Climbing Frame

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Small in its overall layout, but large in statue, the Auckland climbing frame is the perfect fit for small to medium gardens where space might be an issue. Bursting full of fun play features, this playset certainly provides enough activities to keep your children entertained through the long summer days. Part of Selwood’s new 5ft Climbing Frame range, providing even more room for your children to grow up with their very own playset.

Fort Features

Auckland climbing frame
The main fort structure stands 320cm in height from ground level and is divided into two separate sections, the cabin and the lower fort. Manufactured from cedar wood, the fort gains its strong, sturdy structure from the construction process. As the individual panels connect together to make a secure platform for your children to play on. The internal footprint of the upper cabin is 120cm x 90cm making for a spacious play area.

Swing Features

Auckland climbing frame swing beam
It can only be described as the ideal swing apparatus for the smaller garden. The two position monkey ladder swing not only is a play feature in itself, but it also provides a home to the Auckland Climbing Frames other swing accessories, the two child glider swing and the belt swing. Our belt swings are designed to wrap comfortably, but securely around your child’s seating position to keep them safe when swinging. Three swing accessories in one great feature, it is clear to see what makes the Auckland playset so popular with children.

Slide Features

climbing frame slide & rockwall
Slides and sliding is always a popular feature with children, and with the new 5ft deck height range of playsets from Selwood, your children can enjoy it even more thanks to the 3m slide. The additional height of the fort structure means that the already great play features have had to expand and grow to accommodate this. An extra 80cm has been added on to the length of the slide in order to provide a fun, speedy, exciting journey back down to ground level. Raised edges have been added to the slide to provide secure hand grips for your children when sitting at the top of the slide and to provide security on the way down.

Climbing Features

climbing frame rockwall
The rockwall ladder, like a lot of the other features on the Auckland climbing frame has had to grow to ensure that it stretches from the ground to the upper deck level 150cm from the ground, which can only be good news for children who love to climb. Additional wooden panels and rockwall mounts ensure that none of the fun is lost and helps to provide a challenging, exciting climb to the upper deck cabin.

Play Features

climbing frame chalkwall
Despite having the glider swing, belt swing, monkey ladder swing, rockwall ladder and the 3m straight slide, the Auckland Climbing Frame still has a few more party pieces tucked away to provide your children with even more fun. On the upper level of the fort is a chalkwall where your children can leave messages, create doodles or design masterful works of art. The lower level of the fort benefits from the additional height of the playset, giving it a 150cm standing height. It is also the ideal area to locate a sand play area. We recommend using a weed suppressant membrane for your sand play area.

Additional Info

climbing frame installation
The Auckland climbing frame comes with all required fixings, pre drilled wood and a fully illustrated instruction manual. The overall footprint for the climbing frame is 1.24 metres wide by 3.83 metres in depth (without safety area) This climbing frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this climbing frame is not suitable for commercial use. Safety is paramount on play equipment so we use safety T-Nuts that secure flush to the surface of the wood, we also use Square Head (square bit) screws in many areas rather than traditional Philips screws that burr very easily.
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
Our owners manuals and illustrated instruction manuals are in pdf format. This is a generic format which can be opened and printed using all types of computer, tablet or mobile device.

Size Guide

Layout Dimensions

Imperial11' 11"12' 6"10' 5"330.69 lbs

Guidelines recommend a Safety Zone of 1.8 meters.

Packaging Dimensions

Box NamePart NoEan NoLengthWidthHeightWeightCubed
Olympia Roof 1.5m (2014)F24665 (1.5m)F24665 (1.5m)155.00cm54.00cm15.00cm34.470.13
Selwood 1.5m FortF23836EI 2014F23836EI 2014242.00cm37.50cm18.00cm49.900.16
Straight Slide (3m)33181303318130280.00cm50.00cm20.00cm10.000.28
2-Position Monkey Ladder Swing (2014)A25195A25195244.00cm25.50cm15.00cm26.310.09
2-child glider (back-to-back)A24527EI87525704527893.66cm55.56cm8.89cm3.630.05


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Auckland climbing frame
  • I would highly recommend the Auckland climbing frame.
    Easy to build and my 2 boys love to play on it - certainly a better way to spend your childhood than playing video games!
    It is sturdy and looks great in the backyard.
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